MY GREEN SCISSORS ORGANIC SALON is dedicated in providing safe and Ministry of Health Board approved services.

Upon reopening, I will be implementing a series of guidelines above and beyond recommendations from Ontario's Public Health Board to ensure your well being and mine.


All guidelines will be followed on a daily work basis and NO EXCEPTIONS will be granted.


1.  Client will fill out a questionnaire upon arrival and a no-touch temperature will be taken and recorded for the Ministry.

2.  Client will sanitize hands with provided sanitizer prior to entering.

3.  Client will wear a face covering/mask provided by themselves prior to entering.

4.  Client will remove outer footwear or have footwear sprayed with disinfectant prior to entering.

5.  Salon will make sure that all surfaces have been disinfected between clients and all items used are one time use only.

6.  Salon will only provide service on a one on one basis with staggered appointment times.

7.  Salon owner will wear gloves and a mask while performing services with the exception of cutting hair (no gloves).

8.  Salon can and will provide any information to the client with regards to chemical cleaning product ingredients.

9.  Salon will be inspected as deemed necessary by Ontario Public Health and will display current certificate of compliance.

10.  Salon will answer any questions with regards to Public Safety and will direct client to proper channels for clarifications.

11. Salon will NOT provide drinks,  or magazines as per Ministry recommendations.

12. Salon will no longer be using the waiting area, instructions before arrival will be explained to client via appointment set up.

13.  Salon will NOT offer blow drying after  service , doing so may disperse possible air borne droplets and is not recommended.

14. Salon will record daily cleanings of the public restroom.

15. Salon owner/operator will keep all  necessary licenses and insurances current.

16. Salon owner/operator will monitor and  record own health status and temperature before every shift.

We all know that our new "normal" seems a bit difficult and strange, but with cooperation and understanding from everyone , and with dedication to following recommendations from our Public Health Ministers, WE WILL OVERCOME COVID-19. 

Stay SAFE, Stay HAPPY and Stay WELL!