Welcome to MYgreenScissors Organic Salon, a natural choice for clients seeking Organic alternatives for their hair care needs. As a  licensed hairstylist and certified Organic hair colourist,  Organic hair colouring choices are tailored specifically for you. Cutting and Styling hair with natural products enables you to visit an eco friendly, VEGAN and cruelty free salon.


The Salon dedicates time for education and offers classes sharing an awareness of health and beauty to clients. Come and visit an intimate and cozy location to experience one on one care and service. The  time spent will be unique, just the way you are.


OUR STORY                                                                                                       OUR VISION                                                            

My Green Scissors opened it's doors                                                                                           MY GREEN SCISSORS is dedicated to

September 2014 partly as a dream of  it's                                                                                   bringing awareness of organic alternatives

owner Chantal Moreau-Short and partly as a                                                                            to beauty and hair care clientele, protecting

memorial to her daughter-in-law Laci McCann,                                                                       our future generation and the earth.

who fought and lost a courageous battle with cancer.

Laci's love for the environment inspired Chantal                                                                     Welcome all who seek guidance.

to pursue hair care and beauty in a safe and 

non-traditional manner.

My Green Scissors was born out of love,passion

and respect for our earth and for those seeking a choice.


                                                                                                            Thank You Laci